Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Risk Assessment And Do I Need One?

A risk assessment is a process that identifies what your business needs to protect, the credible threats, where you need to improve security, and the impact to your business if you choose to do nothing. 

If you’re concerned about the safety and security of your employees, and if you have questions or concerns regarding your current security posture, then a risk assessment is an appropriate next step. 

My Place Of Employment Is Concerned About Workplace Violence And Falling Victim To An Active Shooter. What Should We Do?

According to statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice, there were 27 active shooter incidents in the United States in 2018. The incidents occurred in 16 states and resulted in 213 casualties. Like many businesses, your workplace may be vulnerable. Michael Mann Security Services specializes in developing and implementing threat and violence risk management processes. 

Does our Church Need Cameras, Keyless Entry And Automatic Door Locks?

Cameras, keyless entry systems and automatic door locks can be used to build a physical protection system. However, there are more effective ways that churches can use their internal resources to build effective protection systems. We specialize in training churches to use their internal resources (the body of the church) to both detect and prevent violent incidents.

We Are Looking For A Physical Security Consultant To Assist Us. How Do We Select The Right Person For The Job?

Look for consultants that can validate their expertise and knowledge. Verify the consultant’s formal education, on-going professional development, experience providing the services requested, and certifications from professional societies. Look for the CPP® Certified Protection Professional, or PSP® Physical Security Professional designation from the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

I Recently Took A Handgun Carry Permit Class And I’m Now Able To Carry My Handgun. Do I Need More Training?

To legally carry a firearm in the State of Tennessee, a person must successfully complete a handgun carry permit class. To be proficient with a firearm for the purpose of protecting yourself and your family requires comprehensive training. Michael Mann Security Services specializes in training and equipping citizens with the knowledge and skills required for self-preservation and defense. 

I’m An Administrator At A Private School And We Need A Physical Security Program, But We Don’t Have Public School Funding Or Resources. Can You Help Us?

We have extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing comprehensive protection programs for private schools and universities. Our approach is designed to show you what you need, provide you with training and procedures using available resources, and then show you how to maintain the program yourself. 

Does My Church Need A Security Team?

High profile attacks against churches in recent years shows that houses of worship are not immune from violence. Implementing a plan for protecting your congregation needs to be considered.   

My Church Wants To Implement A Security Team, But We Don’t Want To Use Guns Or Arm Our Congregation. What Should We Do?

The first step in providing effective protection is prevention, and prevention measures do not require the use of armed congregants or teams. We provide detailed training in how to detect potential violent offenders and prevent violent events from occurring at your house worship.

I’m A Mom Who’s Concerned About Protecting Myself And My Children During An Emergency Situation. I Don’t Have Much Experience With Using A Handgun, But I Want To Learn. Do You Provide This Type Of Training?

Absolutely. We specialize in providing individuals and organizations with the resources needed to protect themselves and their loved ones.

I’m Not Comfortable Using A Handgun, But I Want To Protect Myself. Do You Provide Unarmed Self-Defense Training? Do I Need To Be In Good Shape To Participate In The Training?

Yes, we do provide unarmed self-defense training for individuals, groups and organizations. The training focuses on avoiding physical confrontation if possible, and then using simple, effective and easily repeatable techniques. Basic levels of fitness are required for most classes; however, we have effectively trained individuals of all shapes and ages.

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