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We provide security services for organizations and individuals.

You’ve got work to do, so let us implement our world class security methods. We work hard not to interrupt the flow of your church, business, and home. 

Organization of security staff

Organization of security staff

Whether your security staff consists of volunteers or paid employees, the mission remains the same. We’ll help you:

When a security situation happens, you don’t want to be caught off guard. We’ll make a plan.

Knowing who’s in charge of the team and understanding each role is a big deal. 

As your team grows, you’ll want to seamlessly integrate shifts into the process. We’ll show you how.

Security Assessments

You might be surprised how many threats go unnoticed by the general population. We’ll help you:

Sometimes, better security starts with a pro pointing out areas of vulnerability.

When you start thinking about security, you start to see things in a new light.

Prevention is the ideal situation, not response.

Risk and threat assessment
Individual & family security

Home Defense

For those who aren’t businesses or churches, we aren’t ignoring you. We’ll help you:

Personal and family security can sometimes be more complex that organizational security.

If you want to be secure in public, there are some things you should avoid, and others you should start doing.

A plan is only as good as the confidence one has in it. Individual & family security requires a total buy-in.

Firearms training

Never carried a weapon before? Need to re-certify? We’ll help you:

If you’ve never handled a gun before, you might be nervous. We’ll get you past your jitters.

Some organizations allow employees to carry a weapon at work, but only if they complete a course. That’s where we come in.

Pulling a gun on someone is a last resort. Sometimes it’s necessary, but knowing when that moment comes is critical.

firearms training
Facility security

Facility security

Security isn’t just about training humans. Let your facility be an ally as well. We’ll help you:

Knowing which sections of your property can make you more vulnerable to danger will help you fix the problem.

Camera, keypads, AI…it’s all getting cheaper and better. We’ll see what’s right for you.

Your building is where you work, worship or learn. It’s the perfect place to train.


Protective Intelligence System for Churches, Ministries, and businesses in your community and nationwide.